Big New Launch
In keeping with our tradition of being one of the industry's big innovators we are proud to announce the launch of our latest, exciting product the "Pizzamuffin". A unique snack consisting of one half of a toasted English muffin topped with spicy pizza sauce and grated cheese, four to a tray, these have initially been picked up by one of the country's quality supermarket chains for special promotion starting mid January. Other large convenience store chains and supermarkets are showing exceptional interest in this product. Call us for details.
January 2010
Love Bites Gets Top BRC Accreditation
All at Love Bites were delighted to be awarded Grade A at their recent BRC audit a sure sign that the investment in the factory and our constant attention to keeping abreast with the ever changing food standards is paying off. Recent changes to the BRC standard has meant that very few companies have achieved this level. We are reliably informed by auditors that a Grade A is rare, making it all the more rewarding.
December 2009